Several recent national news stories have pointed up the many benefits of writing online. From professional writers to people with little writing experience there are many opportunities for people who can put words together into a compelling whole.
To become an online writer, you can begin with sites that let you upload your stories and then pay you a small amount based on how many page views the article gets. This is ideal for a new writer who might have a hard time taking on clients, but can write well. Once you have established yourself on these sites — and made a few dollars to boot — you can begin finding clients.

There’s little investment required to become an online writer, other than a good computer and word processing program. If you join sites to bid on work or acquire new clients, you might pay membership fees there.

Online marketing
Many people have learned and conquered the world of online marketing, which allows you to market any number of items. Many people market eBooks and promote them over the web, then get a cut each time someone buys the book.
To that end, you can also build websites and get a small cut of the profits from when people click through the ads. You might start a blog (which also places this in the writing category) and promote it in a professional manner, bringing advertisers and many readers to your site. Some bloggers can
claim incomes of more than $100,000 each year.

There are many opportunities for people who want to work exclusively online. All it takes is a little research and creativity.

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