If your interest in working at home focuses on a job that requires no phone use and no leaving the house for work, you might be looking for an online job.

What’s an online job? Basically, an online job is that which you get online, work online and that requires you only to have a computer and some other job-specific tools. Many people find that online jobs work well for them because they can work whenever and however they want and can withstand many interruptions without much problem.

One of the most well-known of the online jobs, Ebay has made many people a nice income from home. You can sell any number of items on Ebay, but people often sell used baby and children clothing, custom clothing, collectibles and other such items.
Selling items on Ebay comes with its own set of challenges. There is shopping to be done, so that you can build an inventory of things to sell, and the job requires good customer service skills. Some customers can be difficult to deal with and you don’t have the advantage of looking them in the face
when dealing with them.

Making money on Ebay has become a bit tougher in recent years as postal rates have risen and Ebay fees have increased. Smart people have adjusted how they sell in order to keep their profit consistent. They might sell clothes in “lots” rather than single items. They might seek out new methods for acquiring goods, and buy in bulk so they can get a better deal on inventory.

There’s little investment necessary to sell on Ebay, other than a computer (high-speed access is recommended for uploading auctions), and inventory. It also requires the investment in basic mailing materials and sometimes business cards.

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