As you think about the myriad of work-at-home opportunities, you could be overlooking one important thing – you have skills that you can turn into a career. Although it’s easy and sometimes
tempting to sign up with a company or to begin selling a product, there are many skills that each of us bring to the table that can help us to create our own successful at-home enterprises.
Before you settle on a work-at-home job, carefully examine your skill set and determine if you can make a solid at-home work opportunity out of your skills. Though there is no harm in joining an
already successful company, many people are more interested in starting their own businesses. If you are that kind of person, consider your skills first so you choose the right at-home business for

Have you ever worked as a cashier? What skills did that require? If you had to reconcile your cash drawer, you have some experience with bookkeeping. You also likely have some customer service
skills. Many people work at home as bookkeepers or as assistants to accountants.

Office skills
If you have ever worked in an office, you might have a long list of beneficial qualities that would help in an at-home job. These include phone skills, customer service skills, software experience and
perhaps even some marketing or public relations skills. Office skills and experience (as well as any training you might also have) can be used in a variety of ways with at-home jobs. Many people work at home as virtual assistants, for example, which require customer service skills, software experience and basic office training. Other people with office skills can work at home for a local business.


Technical skills
Those who have worked in graphic design and website design are perfectly positioned to take advantage of the work-at-home job market. That is, you can easily turn your graphic design and website design skills into an at-home business. Your services will likely cost another business less than using an in-house designer and if you provide the same – or better – quality, you can create a niche for yourself that others might not be able to easily fill. Other technical skills that might be useful for at-home businesses include computer repair, specific software application training and other skills that you might have learned in a previous job, in college, or that you took specific classes for.

Many people have had success turning their entertainment skills into an at-home business. Your ability to put on a beautiful party can be turned into a business that puts on tea party birthdays for
young girls. Or you might start a catering business from home. Or you could become a personal chef. Some people start successful home businesses that are borne out of their theater or singing
experience. The key to turning your skills and experience into a successful home business is to be honest about your skills. Know what you can do and what you are weak at. Perhaps you know that you can run a lucrative web design business, but you can’t handle money. Maybe you can hire a friend to do your bookkeeping for you. In that way you help yourself and another people at the same time. Make a list of the skills you have and those you might like to acquire and from that list, create some ideas for your at-home business. You might be surprised how much you bring to the at-home business table.