At this moment, you’re carrying far more toxins within your body than you’re aware of. These toxins have the potential to negatively impact your health – and some can build up to the point where they can shorten your life.


Many people assume that they have a few toxins, but they don’t realize that just by living in your home and going out into the area where you live, you ingest thousands of these toxins.


Toxins can be a number of things – but especially chemicals. These chemicals come from your mattress, your blankets, your floors, the foods that you eat and the things you drink.


When you get toxins in your body, it works to try to remove the toxins as a way of protecting itself. Your body tried to get the toxins out by secreting them through your kidneys.


As the build up continues, it tries to rid these toxins by expelling them as waste material and pushing them to leach out through the skin. What happens is that these toxins are so numerous and the build up can be so much that the body can’t eliminate the toxins without some help.


That’s why detoxing can help. By detoxing, you can eliminate a build up, boost your health and improve your immune system. One of the ways that you can do this is by using a chelation detoxing process.

Chelation Therapy

Doctors use chelation therapy to rid a patient’s body of heavy metal toxins. The patient receives EDTA or Ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid through an IV and has to return for numerous visits.


Fortunately, there’s a more natural way that you can use chelation to detoxify your body. This natural chelation process is a combination of cilantro and chlorella.

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