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Everything you need to know about us is stated below ;-)

Creative block? Thirsty for some inspiration?

We have got you covered!

We serve you a daily cup of creativitea, freshly brewed from art picked out of several creative fields, to satisfy your needs.

Creativitea is founded by Ruud Voost and Robin Berkelmans

Ruud Voost is a graphic designer, illustrator and student communication and multimedia design, based in the Netherlands.

“for me, creativitea is, apart from a source of inspiration, a way to get more into web development and learn more about it along the way.„ – Ruud

Visit Ruud’s portfolio: www.ruudvoost.com
or add him on facebook: facebook.com/ruudvoostgraphic

Robin Berkelmans is an illustrator and student Art, Communication and Design, also based in the Netherlands.

“I’ve been blogging about art and design for over a year now. So, for me, creativitea is a step to the next level to share the treasures I find with the rest of the world.„ – Robin Berkelmans

visit Robin’s portfolio: behance.net/missRobin
or add her on facebook: facebook.com/missRobinsArt


Found a bug on the website or simply want to share your thoughts about it? Please let us know by sending an email to: hello@creativitea.org
Thank you!


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